2016 Provider Network Development Plan For Denton County MHMR
Population: 753,363 Square miles: 878.43 Population density: 858
Number of counties: 1 Number of urban counties: 1 Number of rural counties: 0
Major Population Centers
Name of City Name of County City Population County Percent of Total Population
Denton Denton 123,099 16.3%
Lewisville Denton 101,074 13.4%
Carrolton(pt) Denton 75,426 10.0%
Flower Mound(pt) Denton 69,422 9.2%
Frisco(pt) Denton 55,044 7.3%
The Colony Denton 41,352 5.5%
Little Elm Denton 35,414 4.7%
Current Services and Contracts
Adult Services-Levels of Care FY 2015 service capacity (non-Medicaid only) Estimated FY 2016 service capacity (non-Medicaid only) Percent total non-Medicaid capacity provided by external providers in FY 2015*
1M 0 0 0
1S 1011 1100 0
2 143 150 0
3 133 133 0
4 34 34 0
5 103 103 0
Child/Youth Services-Levels of Care FY 2015 service capacity (non-Medicaid only) Estimated FY 2016 service capacity (non-Medicaid only) Percent total non-Medicaid capacity provided by external providers in FY 2015*
1 24 24 0
2 26 26 0
3 7 7 0
4 1 4 0
CYC 1 1 0
5 9 9 0
Crisis Services FY 2015 service capacity Estimated FY 2016 service capacity Percent total non-Medicaid capacity provided by external providers in FY 2015*
Crisis Hotline 17213 calls/2024 crisis related 17213 0
Mobile Crisis Outreach Team 2462 2462 0
Provider Organizations Services
BioMedical Waste solutions Medical Waste Disposal
Clinical Pathology Laboratories Clinical Drug and Alcohol Testing
Courtesy Building Supplies Janitorial Services and Supplies
Complete Pharmacy Care Pharmacy Services
D & A Janitorial Services and Supplies
Delta-T Temporary Staffing Services
Echo Locum Tenens Temporary Medical Staffing Services
First Shred Document Shredding Services
Hired Hands Incorporated Sign Language Interpretation Services
IPM Pharmacy Services
Iron Mountain Document Shredding Services
K16 Ready Society YES waiver services
MasterWord Services Translation Services
Mayhill Hospital Psychiatric Inpatient services
MetroStat Clinical Drug Testing
Millwood Hospital Psychiatric Inpatient services
Premiere Inpatient Services Temporary Medical Staffing Services
Reach Institute CBT consulting Services
Sacred Cross EMS Emergency/non-Emergency transport
Tarrant County MHMR Crisis line call answering services
Teneo Linguistics Translation Services
University Behavioral Health Inpatient Psychiatric Services
Individual Practitioners Services
Linda Jacobs Counseling - CBT
Kathryn Morgan Counseling - CBT
Javanna Moss Counseling - CBT
Virginia Simonson Veteran Services
2 individuals Family Partner Services
Linda Szydlik Counseling -CBT
Marsha Wells-Pegram C and A counseling services
Wise Regional Health Care Psychiatric In-patient Services

Provider Availability
Provider Source of Identification Summary of Follow-up Meeting or Teleconference Assessment of Provider Availability, Services, and Capacity
DebLin Health concepts and Associates DSHS Initial contact on 1-29-16, introductions and preliminary discussion of services, Second contact was made on 2-1-16, contractor reported that they are only interested in providing counseling services at this time and did not currently have capacity for a full level of care. Talks for contracting are ongoing. Provider was given information on our RFA that is out concerning contract counseling and what the initial requirements for this contract are.
We have had no other interest from any entity regarding contracting for services in a full level of care.

This section is not applicable due to no interested providers wanting to provide a for a full level of care.

PNAC Involvement
Date PNAC Activity and Recommendations
2-17-16 Our PNAC approved the current list of contractors and the LPND plan as submitted. Our PNAC consistently is interested in two main areas that fall outside of the scope of the typical Level of care. These two areas are homelessness and veterans. To that end we have had an increase in our Veteran peer network contract that allows for increased presence in the community. We continue to work with stakeholders to problem solve the lack of shelter availability in Denton County.
12-09-15 PNAC recommended continued exploration of local yes waiver discrete service providers. Better coordination with Jail services.
9-9-15 PNAC committee reviewed previous year performance measures and service targets and discussed the upcoming year changes to both performance measures and possible changes in service targets.
6-10-15 Discussion of current waitlist and current capacity of center services.
Stakeholder and Client Comments on Draft Plan and LMHA Response
Comment Stakeholder Group(s) LMHA Response and Rationale
Groups targeted by Gender and age Client We strive to offer a variety of groups. We are exploring the option of gender or age specific groups. The ability to offer these groups is dependent on the availability and diversity of the clinicians and the demand from clients
More counseling Client We are actively trying to recruit more counselors to provide this service
More arts and crafts groups Client We have offered this type of group using our peer specialist and having local artists come in to be a part of those groups. We will continue to provide this service
More help with job placement Client We work with DARS as a referral source, and provide some job placement skills through psychosocial rehab activities. We are not currently funded for a supported employment program.
Housing assistance Client We work with local landlords and the housing authority to try and help our clients acquire appropriate housing. We are not currently funded for supported employment. We do currently have a federal grant for limited housing assistance through our connections program which targets the chronically homeless.
Would like us to provide MH services directly to veterans Veterans coalition We do and can provide crisis services to veterans. We can also serve veterans without VA benefits. We are currently required to refer those clients with VA benefits to the VA for ongoing treatment.