What Are Peer Support Services

A Peer is a person with lived experience of recovery from mental illness or addiction. By combining their experience with skills learned in formal training, Peer Specialists deliver services in behavioral health settings to support long-term recovery. Peer Specialists are open about their lived experience and can be most effective when a program is recovery-oriented like the Peer Program at Denton County MHMR Center.

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A Peer Specialist Story:

"My childhood was full of physical, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse. I was a bully in school because no one could hurt me at school, but at home it was different. I ate for any reason: mad, sad, or glad. Now in recovery, I have lost 250 pounds, and today I am at a healthy weight. My first psychotic episode happened in 2005. I was in and out of hospitals for years due to not taking medications. I took 13 different medications three times a day during that time, and today I take one medication once a day. I know that it ' s like when people take insulin for diabetes. I' m not well when I don' t take my medication every day. My diagnosis doesn' t define me anymore! I have hope. I take personal responsibility for my wellness. I educate myself by going to trainings and conferences. I know what I want and need. Today, I advocate for myself. I give and receive support in my continued mental health journey to get well and to stay well. Now that you know about me, I would love to get to know you a little better."

As a Peer Support Specialist, I assist and guide people toward identification and achievement of specific goals defined by the individual and their recovery plan. My work promotes recovery, socialization in the community, self-advocacy, self-help, and development of natural supports. My work involves a variety of routine and standardized tasks that collaborate work preformed by other providers. I am credentialed as a MHPS ( Mental Health Peer Specialist) in the COMPASS program, a facilitator in the Hearing Voices Network, Wellness Recovery Action Plan ( WRAP) , and multiple groups in Denton and Flower Mound for Denton County MHMR Center. My services also include one on one meetings with individuals.

Family Partner Services
A Family Partner is a person who has lived experience parenting a child experiencing mental, emotional or behavioral health challenges and who can articulate the understanding of their experience with another parent or family member. Family Partner services include conducting support groups; participating in wraparound services; giving one-on-one support, conducting face to face contact guidance meetings; and helping families navigate systems including juvenile justice, Child Protective Services, independent school districts, Social Security Administration, Snap program, food banks and other community resources.
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