Excecutive Management Team

Executive Director

Pam Gutierrez

(940) 381-5000

Executive Assistant

Taylor Warren

(940) 381-5000

Chief Operating Officer

Brittany Waymack

(940) 381-5000

Chief Financial Officer

Michelle Conrad

(940) 381-5000

Medical Director

Dr. Meena Vyas

(940) 381-5000

Administrator Of Nursing

Tashina Landis

(940) 381-5000

Administrator of Authority Services

Wesley Warren

(940) 381-5000

Administrator of Provider Services

Courtney Carey

(940) 381-5000

Administrator of Mental Health Services

Dallas Hamilton

(940) 381-5000

Administrator of Human Resources

Open Position

(940) 381-5000

Administrator of QM/UM

Veronica Armendariz

(940) 381-5000

Administrator of Substance Use Services & CCBHC

Lauren Titsworth

(940) 381-5000

Adminstrator of Special Projects

Jennifer Meyer

(940) 381-5000

Chief Technology Officer

Ritch Wright

(940) 381-5000

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Board Members


Rhonda Dick, Ph.D

Vice Chair, Finance Committee Chair

Dianne Hickey

Board Secretary - Ad Hoc Committee

Judi Swayne

Previous Board Chair

Barbara Gailey

Board Member

Douglas Lee

Personnel Committee

Jack Phillips

Vice Chair Finance Committee

Arthur K. Sayre

Vice Chair Personnel Committee

Linda Holloway, PHD

Ad Hoc Committee Chair

Patti Dunn

Personnel Committee Chair

Melanie Royer

Board Member

Open Position